Sunday, 9 February 2014

your personal library

So many times I have thought, "I remember thinking about this ages ago", or "didn't I make some
notes on this ", the answer is more than likely, yet the notes I made are like the memory, long lost of forgotten.

The real answe is  never again,  and now I make notes on so many thoughts and ideas, or so often, just plain old observations, some times  and so often, in the form of a photo, some times in a written note, but most in picture format .
Yet ideas come at any time and place, my moleskin is the format I choose to explore these ideas I love a pencil, crayons and of late water colours to make sketches,  but some times even I forget to bring it along, so I have turned to my iPad and one of the Evernote family Penultimate to sketch ideas and concepts, all are automatically added to to my personal library, and all are tagged so they come up in my search quests.

Observation is not built in to the human persona, it's needs cultivation,  practice and more practice, and memory is at best poor, so making notes on any observation, is paramount. But and here is a problem, I so often forget I ever make observations, studies of research, how do I find the right notes, as I might have mentioned, I tag all notes, not just with pertinent tags, but with so often obscure tags, ones I might use to describe the subject.

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