Saturday, 14 November 2015

I am old enough to remember cobbled streets in Birmingham, my old home town in the UK, so when, I went to a local store and had to drive down a road with old cobbled stones, laid in the familiar pattern, and with that so familiar, tyre sound, I was flashing back to my youth.
But, I was so disappointed to see sections repaired in black bitumen, why, the almost perfect line and patten had been ruined,for want of a little care. So often you see this, paving flags liftedo repair a pipe only to be replaced by black Tarmac.

A little care on the specification,  was all it needed to get the contractor to repair as original, the usual excuse is a lack of skilled workmen, and the specifier backs down and accepts, but had he pushed for what was specified, then perhaps a trade might have been kept alive, instead of being abandoned to blacktop.

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