Sunday, 17 December 2017

Reading is part of research

leica disto EDM
Leica disto EDM
Reading, I read a lot, no I read continuously, from daily papers to the weekend papers and their glossy magazines, I read book like they are going out of fashion! both in good old paper format! but so often these days, in electronic version! mostly from amazon! although I have tried Apple
I read flicker, Zite, and almost any news feed for my subject list, and many I transfer to evernote! again building up my personal knowledge base.
I scour old book shops for books, picking up such classics as old construction manuals, and the classic AJ metric handbook.
I even scan in old trade magazines, just in case I want to refer to them. My repository is Evernote, and for the most part it's very easy to retrieve, yet what happens to my personal archive should I ever fall out with Evernote! that's a question I so often think of, but as yet have no answer to, so I continue to load up information.
My driving goal is the research I do, on a variety of subjects, I use Google chrome for the most part to serf the web! and the very cleaver Evernote app! shows not only what is available for any search term from the web! but also what I have in my personal archive. So helpfull and as I get older and my memory fades a outlet this solves the wanting question of "where did I out the research note".

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